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Outlining priorities and goals

on December 29, 2011

What did you do in 2011? What will you be doing in 2012?

Don’t know?

Here’s an idea. Make a list of priorities.

I’ve been a fan of life lists for years now. Well, not just life lists, lists in general. They help me stay focus, organized and efficient.

Every January, I make a list of priorities and goals that I want to strive for in the new year. I’m not talking about resolutions, which die off within a week, like memberships at the gym on January 12th, but realistic, precise objectives that you actually make a plan to attain.

Last year I divided my list by specific areas I wanted to focus on: Me, My Husband, My Children, Work/House and Family/Friends.

Here is a peak at my 2011 list:

  1. Exercise 3 hours/week
  2. Run 3 races
  3. Eat a balanced diet (basically reduce my sugar intake)
  4. Read 36-52 books
  5. Knit myself a scarf
  6. Raise 600$ for a cleft lip surgery for a child with Show Hope
Now that the year is almost over, I can take a look back at my list and see how I did:
  1. I ran a lot from May to September
  2. I ran 5 races, including my first half-marathon. I’m very proud of that!
  3. “Balanced diet” is a very subjective term, but I did just okay. Until I actually limited the amount of sugar I buy every month and switched to fair-trade, it was hard to control my intake. I needed a concrete restriction.
  4. I read 28 books, I would have reached at least 36 if my brain was not stolen by a tiny uterus dweller starting in October!
  5. I finished my scarf in time for winter.
  6. I raised 375$ for Show Hope, so not quite the 600$ I was aiming for. When I set the 600$ goal, I knew it was pretty high and I didn’t make a strategy to get there. I kind of waited around, hoping an opportunity would show up. Next year, I need to make a specific plan as to how I’m going to raise that money.

What I have learned from my successes and failures: some goals were realistic, some were idealistic, and one I know I didn’t work enough at.

As I make my list for 2012, I will pull out my life list and my 5 year list. More on that in the next post.

What about you? How was 2011 for you? Did you have objectives? Did you reach them? What worked, what didn’t?


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