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Practice gratitude

on January 12, 2012

As I was making my life list for 2012, I realized that my year was going to be monopolized by one thing: being pregnant for the first half the year, and having a newborn for the second half.

We also put our house up for sale, so we will hopefully move into a bigger home and buy a larger vehicle to fit our family of five.

These short things on paper will take up most of my time and energy in real life. That thought frustrated me a lot. I felt like it killed the efficient person in me. “What, “just” having a (third) baby? “Just” moving? No half marathon? No overachieving book reading challenge? That’s not very productive in the grand scheme of life!”

Thankfully, I came upon the Joy Dare. The idea is to make a list of 1000 things that you are grateful for in 2012.

So I threw out my goals list for 2012 and made a new one: write three things that I am grateful for everyday.

Instead of looking at sheer numbers to evaluate productivity (x numbers of projects completed, x amount of dollars earned), I will add up the wonderful things in my life that make me grateful. The cheesy way to put it is that I’m literally counting my blessings.

When I did that, you know what happened? My outlook changed. Instead of being resentful that I was basically “just” going to be a mother this year, I looked forward to enjoying 2012 as a very busy mother. By choosing to practice gratitude, I became peaceful and accepting. And isn’t that the most pleasant road to efficiency?

Are you making a gratitude list this year?


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