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The lesson

on February 6, 2012

I just read Ann Voskamp’s post, What to do in hard times.

It’s hard not to cry when reading it. And her previous post, What a parent wants to say when a child leaves.

My children are very young, but I seem to have a somewhat firm grasp that they will grow up VERY fast and will leave home before I know.

Last night, my oldest was sick. Sick enough for dad to take him to the ER. I stayed home with the youngest, and tried to sleep. My thoughts whirled and spun around, trying to hope for the best for my son. I couldn’t help but go to the very dark place of “What if I ever lost him?”

Guilt poured over me. I didn’t spend enough time with him. I declined his requests to play way too often. I was too harsh, too critical more times than I can count.

I thought about how this high needs baby and now spirited child has taught me more in his 4.5 years on earth than I learned in the 20some years before his birth. He pushed me beyond my limits into growth more than anyone – even a husband – could ever do.

I regretted all the times I thought “Why is he SO MUCH?”.

The last 48 hours have been really quiet in the house. I’m surprised to notice that I don’t like the quiet. I want the rambunctious, loud running around. I crave the energy that this crazy child brings.

He’s going to be fine, he has an average childhood illness. But once again, he’s taught me a lesson. I’ll take the good that he brings. I’ll take the bad. Because one day, he’ll wave goodbye and I’ll be thankful for ALL the memories.

What is a lesson your child has taught you?


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