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How do you turn a crappy day around?

on February 24, 2012

A crappy day makes you want to search for the fast forward button. It makes you feel like you could have done without that 24 hours.

I had a crappy day today. I got up on the wrong foot because my children drove me nuts the day before (and the day before that). I knew that my hopes of a better prognosis for today were dim, considering the clingy, screaming, ill toddler was only feeling slightly better after a long night’s sleep.

I was moody and resentful. Spending hours stewing is about as inefficient as it gets!

Midmorning, the thought came to me that I didn’t have to feel that way, that I could choose my mood and make my day a little better, at least for my own mental health.

But I felt stuck. I was knee-deep in a swamp of sticky, negative thoughts. How could I get out?

I wondered, “What if on my moody days, I had some sort of pivot, some thought or action that made me consciously turn the day around?”

Have you ever felt that way? A day when you wished you could just press the reset button and start afresh? Do you have an effective pivot?

I’d like to tell you that I found my mine, but I think it will require some searching.

Could it be…

A phrase written on a strategically placed piece of paper or on a file on the computer?

A physical action, a salutation to the sun of sorts or 5 minutes of meditative breathing?

An inspirational reading bookmarked for easy reference?

I’d like to hear your thoughts. What kind of pivot would work for you on a crappy day?

P.S. My day did get better mid-afternoon. A peaceful nature walk in falling snow with the boys did the trick for me. I just wish it could have happened earlier!


14 responses to “How do you turn a crappy day around?

  1. darkas1ce says:

    I read people’s blogs much like me reading this post of yours now. It reminds me that others have bad days too! It makes me see that we got to turn the day around ourselves.

  2. Caroline says:

    Pas de solutions miracles mais j’ai déjà lu quelque part de réellement recommencer la journée dans ce temps-là. On retourne dans notre chambre et on repart la routine du matin. Déjà, si on n’est pas en pyjama à 11h30 parce qu’on a couru tout le matin, ça peut peut-être aider. Sinon, on est indulgente envers nous-même, des journées poches, ils y en a au moins une par mois alors je me dis que c’est temporaire et que demain ira mieux… On ne dramatise pas, ce que j’ai souvent l’habitude de faire, et on se dit que c’est correct, qu’on a le droit d’avoir des mauvaises journées et que si ça ne dure pas, eh bien, c’est OK. Et surtout, dormir car quand on est fatigué, tout nous paraît pire. Prends soin de toi.

    • wellrunlife says:

      What an original idea to reboot the day with a second morning routine! I’ll have to say that a second coffee could help turn things around on some days. 😉
      I also like your point that we need to give ourselves some slack. It’s not going to be all daisies and roses everyday, and that’s okay.
      I like your input Caroline, keep it coming!

  3. Steenybopper says:

    I wish I had a miraculous button to press that would return the hard drive Hewlett Packard chose to take from my computer when I sent it in for repairs, despite my express written request that they NOT replace the hard drive. I sent it in for the screen to be fixed, and a USB port repaired or replaced.

    Now I have lost a ton of important stuff, much of which cannot be replaced, and some of which can be replaced but with much time invested to do so.

    The stuff that can be replaced within the next week or two are my work programs and my home-school software, but those both depend on how long the IT departments take to get to me.

    I’m not sure I can get all my old email stuff back from Windows Live Mail – mail that dates back as far as 2004.

    All my links, all my bookmarks, all the info from a special program I had for keeping track of passwords from all over the place… gone.

    I did as much backing up as I could before sending the computer off for repairs. Some things were impossible to be backed up, though, and I was counting on my computer being returned with those things still on them. Somehow I failed to back up one month’s worth of photos (I take a lot of pictures), so those are gone, too.

    I’m in the midst of outrage right now, this having just happened today, and then I got a notification of your post, so you’re the unfortunate recipient of writing from me that is probably the most miserable I’ve been since 1986.

    Maybe a miracle will happen and HP will locate my hard drive before it gets sent to recycling. They’ve put in a request for that. All I can do is pray. I have no other pivot.

  4. Myriam says:

    Moi j’énumère mentalement tout ce qu’il y a de positif dans ma vie…j’y vais dans le détails… jusqu’a ce que mon état d’esprit soit différent… et si quelques heures plus tards je recommence à me plaindre de cette journée de merde…alors je recommence… en me disant que des milliers de personnes rêve d’avoir ma vie: eau chaude, maison, bouffe en abondence, la foi, l’éternité avec Dieu, un chien 😉 , un mari (j’énumère souvent ses qualitéS…sourtout s’il m’énerve…hihihi…) ETC… quand je m’y met je reste surprise de tout ce que je peux trouver de positif dans ma vie…et c’est cet esprit de gratitude, de reconnaissance qui me donne la force de traverser cette journée…

    • wellrunlife says:

      Myriam, your comment is so great I’m going to translate.

      I mentally list all the positives in my life. I go in detail, until my mental state is different. ANd if a few hours later I begin to complain again about my crappy day, I start over, telling myself that thousands of people dream of having my life: hot water, house, abundant food, faith, eternity with God, a dog ;), a husband (I often list his qualities… especially when he annoys me! LOL) etc. When I do this, I’m surprised to find how much positive I can find in my life. And that is that spirit of gratitude, of gratefulness that gives me strength to go through that day.

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