Ideas and inspiration for efficient living.


How do you live a well-run life?
  1. Be present in the moment and appreciate your current state.
  2. Be generous with your time and resources. Generosity keeps us selfless and it always comes back to bless us again.
  3. Get emotionally healthy. Let go of negative emotions (resentment, negativity, depression, bitterness, anger). Build healthy boundaries. Forgive.
  4. Nurture relationships. Value family and friends. Give your time to them. Try to speak their love language.
  5. Actively choose every aspect of your life. Your work, how you spend your free time, what you eat, how you take care of your health. Choose what you let in: tv, movies, reading.
  6. Read. Reading opens up the mind and inspires.
  7. Let go of judgement. It only harms to judge and helps no one. It shuts people out and closes doors.
  8. Leave a legacy. Make sure your life has an impact beyond your own person.
  9. Be grateful. For your health, your family, your friends, abundance, healthy children, a healthy marriage.
  10. Be respectful. Be considerate of the environment and others.
  11. Know yourself. Know what you are good at, and inversely what you are not good at, your unique gifts, your personality type. THEN use your life to encourage others.
  12. Be physically active. Pick at least one activity you enjoy and DO IT! It does good to your body and your mind
  13. Let go of stress.
  14. Appreciate beauty. In music, art, nature, literature, architecture, in people. There is beauty all around, open your eyes to see it!
  15. Value spirituality. We are more than dust. There is a great treasure in discovering what transcends us.
  16. Don’t be afraid to go against the flow. The secret to a fulfilling life lies in making unconventional choices.
  17. Value time and relationships above status and wealth.
  18. Be informed. Ignorance is a poor excuse for inaction or mediocre choices.
  19. Encourage others to live an efficient life.
  20. Apply the Golden Rule. Treat others like you would like to be treated.
  21. Stop wasting time. Evaluate your activities and choose whether they accomplish a higher purpose or if you are just being a a couch potato.
  22. Use routines and scheduling if they help you live be efficient.
  23. Be confident. Don’t apologize for who you are, be proud, you are unique!
  24. Welcome change. Change is uncomfortable, but it’s the only way growth can happen.
  25. Live simply. This can have a different meaning for different people, but basically, don’t accumulate stuff and activities to fill a void inside. Stuff and busyness do not make you happy. Let go of clutter in your home. Budget efficiently; reduce unnecessary spending. Be content with what you have.

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