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Legacy work

I believe that a well-run life is characterized by a conscious choice to leave a lasting impact on the people around us. As we lead a fulfilling life, we should strive to leave a legacy that will outlast us and our short years on earth.

My legacy work is adoption and orphan care.

When I was eleven years old, I watched a documentary about the living conditions of abandoned girls in Chinese orphanages. From that day, I knew that when my time to become a mother would come, I would welcome an orphaned child into my home.

That time has not come yet, but every year it gets closer (I must be a certain age and meet certain requirements prior to beginning the process).

In the meantime, I support Show Hope, a movement to care for orphans started by the very inspiring Steven and Mary Beth Chapman.

Show Hope’s project that is especially close to my heart is Maria’s Big House of Hope, a special care centre in China that provides life-giving care for at-risk orphans living with acute medical needs.

One simple and easy way to partner with Show Hope is to collect loose change. Just grab an empty jar, write “Change for Orphans” on it and empty your pockets every night when you get home. Or take the jar to work or school, and invite others to drop their coins in after lunch out or leave it at the checkout counter so customers can drop their change after a transaction. At the end of the month, count up the loose change, go on the Show Hope website and make a donation! A little goes a long way!

You can also commit to becoming a regular sponsor and give hope to an orphan in need every month.


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